How to Play Roulette – A Brief Guide!

The game roulette is basically when the game starts, the dealer spins the wheel in one direction and the ball in the opposite direction and you have to guess which number the ball will land on the spinning wheel on the opposite corner.

A player has to place their bet on their choice number on the table before the dealer finishes spinning the wheel, note that not all casinos have this arrangement. Once this is done, players can get their winnings ( Narra roulette) from the table. This can be done by putting your bet on the table, either on the box or among the numbers. Once this bet is placed, you will then have one final spin where the ball needs to stop. After this, you will be offered the chance to either surrender or leave your bet at that time (Either you wish to leave your bet at the roulette table to continue further or the dealer wishes to keep it and pays your winnings), after the final spin, the croupier will place a dolly on the winning number, you have to then click on it to place your bet again.

The purposes of the game

How to Play Roulette


  1. Since it is possible for the players to guess the correct number, but the casinos know which number is predictable and thus the odds of winning are less, thus people usually lose a lot of money to the casino. But then again, if you have a friend who knows the trick then you might be able to earn a bit of money as they might be able to predict the winning number and place their bets on that same spot.
  2. Also another use of Mahjong is to guess if your pal who is paying you knows your number, well now you have a way to find out. If you and your friend both know the same number then you know his secret. This can also be used at the poker table, however, if anyone comes and tells a different secret then the other person might get annoyed and not trust the advice any more.

When you join the casino, you are offered the chance to buy chips. Don’t worry too much about these as they are just numbers that you will bet. Once you have your chips you are ready to start betting.

What could be easier than that?

How to Play Roulette

  • As you have your chips, you can do of course, anything from placing straight bets to more elaborate bets, like dozen bets or column bets. Or you can even bet on the outcomes of the other players’ bets. As you have your chips, you could place an odds bet so you have a better chance of winning even if you aren’t sure of the outcome.
  • Once this is done, the dealer will place the wheel in the opposite direction of the ball, he will put a marker on the winning number and a marker on the losing number, this is to ensure that nobody gets to win the same prize twice.
  • Then you have to click on the spin button and the computer will spin the wheel again and place the ball where it circles and stays at that spot until the end of the hand.
  • Your heart may beat faster as you wait for the ball to spin and find out if you won the jackpot or not, but the sensible thing to do is to make bets and then leave the tilly after you have won.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to leave the tilly, as the tilly isn’t there to see you and you can get on home with your winnings. Once you have left, the tilly will be there and the money that you would have earned by then will be yours.

I hope that you have learned the basics of how to play Roulette and of course the best thing to do is to play in online casino and then you never have to experience any bad luck.